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Koam Realty provides a great opportunity for those investing in real estate or purchasing a house for the first time.

We have access to many listings so do not hesitate to call us.
If you are looking for an honest realtor, please contact us. We prioritize our customers' profit and will do our best to enable your success.

Augustine Kim

Since its inception, Ko-Am Realty & Investment has strived to achieve reliable high-quality customer care through an expansive range of services.

Principle Broker Augustine Kim has been practicing real estate since 1987, and continues to expand his client base. He founded Ko-Am Realty & Investment in 1999 and has been a leading provider of top-quality service in Virginia and Maryland, specializing in both commercial and residential properties.

Partnerships with the region's top service providers allow Ko-Am Realty & Investment to offer convenience and reliability, and leading-edge technology solutions accelerate the efficiency and productivity of our many associates.

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  • 김명선 Sunnie M. Kim 703.625.9436
  • Angie Ko 571-991-2959
  • 윤주필 Jupil Yun 703.850.4005
  • 이경훈 Mitchell Lee 703.862.4918
  • 이덕성 Fteter D. Lee 571.228.8813
  • 이소영 Adrian Rhee 571.274.2150
  • 이희태 Hee Tae Lee 301.580.9973
  • 최수진 703.819.8090
  • 카니정 Connie Chung 703.725.7871
  • Alyssa Hillier 571.213.0811
  • S. Aslam Ali 703.201.3312
  • Vincent Cheng 240.644.7783
  • 이수경 Janice S. Lee 571.216.1117
  • 문일권 703.405.9515
  • 김대동 703.405.7714
  • 김철만 Chul M. Kim 443.255.6200
  • 윤요셉 Joseph Yoon 443.538.5571
  • 윤종민 443.542.7519
  • 최종희 Anna Choi 410.800.8533
  • Testimonials

    “Selecting a real estate professional to represent me in the sale of my home was a major decision. After 30 years of mortgage payments and home improvements I was looking for a professional who could help me realize the best possible return on my investment. Augustine was the right choice.

    Augustine listened closely to my needs, developed a plan with his team specific to my home, and then implemented the plan. It required that we invest in certain improvements and that we follow the recommendations of his team but it was all worth it. After seven days on the market Augustine presented three offers at and above the asking price.”